Virtual Workout Classes

We now offer virtual classes 4 times a week and every other Sunday. Classes have to be scheduled before 7:00pm the night before to receive the zoom invite. Clients will receive an invite to our private class and a list of equipment needed and/or a list of alternative home items. Cardio moves will be provided as well.

Please sign into class early if it’s your first time so we can go over the class structure.

Monday, Full Body and 3 Min Rounds
Tuesday, Thursday & every other Sunday, TABATA
Friday, Full Body AMRAP

The treadmill sequences provided at our studio have been created by each trainer based on the class format and our internal training program. All treadmill drills are considered proprietary information to our gym and Tiffany’s Training staff.

Virtual Class Instructions and Rules:

  • The deadline to sign up for all virtual classes is 7:00pm (or earlier) the night before.
  • Please log into your LIVE class early to allow time to test sound and video
  • REPLAY links won’t be provided. Signup and show-up!
  • All LIVE Tabata classes will be recorded and uploaded to our virtual workout library within 2 hours of the LIVE class.
  • Please download a TABATA app on your phone ahead of time.
  • Please be on time. When you show up late it throws off the recording and the video setup.
  • Prepare your own playlist. It can be difficult to hear the studio music.
    We will only go live with participants. If nobody is logged into the class by 5-after, we will close the meeting. The trainer won’t be able to stop and explain the moves once class begins.
  • Stop going dark. Turn-on your screen so we can help with form! Trust me, nobody is looking at your house or what you look like ; )

A lot of additional planning goes into creating and instructing the live/virtual classes. It requires double the workload for the trainers to manage both groups, focus on form, and provide modifications for those in class. Trainers cannot be available to chat while teaching or available for text messages after the class begins. Please be respectful of our time by being on time when logging into the class.

Please remember we are adjusting to all of these changes as quickly as we can while trying to create solutions to accommodate everyone. The end goal is to provide our home and studio clients with a great workout and that is exactly what we intend to do!

If you need immediate assistance, please contact our studio at 248-965-3789 or send us a message on Facebook.