Our Studio Policies

Have a question about our studio? We’ve outlined all of our policies below. Just click on the heading and read more about how we operate.


Tiffany’s Training is committed to providing a high-quality environment for all clients. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment in which each client can feel safe and respected. In order to ensure a positive experience, clients are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while participating in

  • Tiffany’s Training classes.
    Cell Phones: Please refrain from using cell phones during class. If you have to take a call, please do so discreetly as to not disturb other clients.
  • Shoes: Please wear clean, dry, indoor shoes only during class. Street shoes are not to be worn during class.

Class Reservations

Class reservations can be made online using our MINDBODY schedule, by phone or email. Client must have an active package to reserve a class.

Class Client Minimum

Classes must have a minimum of 3 clients. Classes with less than 3 clients signed-up will be canceled. All clients pay for small group fitness classes. When the size of the group gets below 3 this is considered personal training and class packages do not support personal training costs.


All sales are final. Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be shared.

Referral Promotion

For any New Client you refer to Tiffany’s Training that purchases a package, you will earn 2 FREE classes. This is an ongoing promotion that will never expire AND there is no limit to the number of New Clients you can refer!

New Client MUST provide your name as a referral to earn referral credit.

Account Holds

Packages cannot be “held” or “frozen” without medical documentation. Packages can only be placed on hold when a client is on bedrest, post-pregnancy, and surgery recovery, there are no exceptions to package expiration dates.

COVID Closures & Package Hold

The studio will not be placing holds on clients’ accounts if they get COVID. We currently provide
virtual classes 4-5 days a week for those on quarantine to join from home. In the event of a statewide shutdown, all package costs will be cut in half to attend virtual sessions. To ensure we keep our doors open, we won’t be freezing, extending or holding packages again.

To stay up to date on our COVID procedures visit our Sweating Safety Protocol.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are able to schedule classes up to 3 weeks in advance. To avoid a late cancel fee of $30, classes must be canceled at least 5 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class. You may cancel in the following ways:

  • Call or Leave a Voicemail at the Studio
  • No Email or Social Media cancellations will be honored

Late Cancel

Classes canceled less than 5 hours prior to the class start time will result in a $30 Late Cancellation fee. More than 3 late cancels in one month (non-emergency related) will result in the client not being able to schedule in advance the following month. If something comes up, please text the trainer.

No Show

If you forget to cancel your class and/or do not show to class you will be charged a No-Show Fee of $30. Your account will reflect a negative balance and you will not be able to participate in future classes until the balance is resolved. A hold on the account will be placed within 24-hours of the late cancellation. Don’t wait for a client email informing you of the balance. If you no show, you owe $30.


Clients can be added to class from the waitlist at ANYTIME prior to the start time of class. Clients should treat the waitlist as if they are signed up for the class. The Cancellation Policy applies immediately upon being added to the class.

Clients can remove themselves from the waitlist at any time prior to being added to a class without penalty. Clients who are currently scheduled in a class cannot be on multiple waitlists. You can only add to more than one waitlist at a time if you haven’t been added to a class.

Late Arrivals

Clients that are going to be late to class MUST call the studio at (248) 965-3789 or contact the Trainer teaching the class. The front door will be locked at the start time of class. The backdoor will close at the start of class. Those clients that notified the Trainer of their late arrival will enter through the back door. Clients that arrive after the start time of class and have not notified the Trainer, may not be allowed to participate in class and their spot may be given up to another client waiting in the studio.