Real Clients with Real Results!

Making a positive change to take control of your most important asset, your health, is never easy. It takes a shift in mindset, lots of self-belief, hard work and commitment. The great thing about starting your journey is other people, just like you, have done it before and gone on to make incredible progress. All have gained strength and confidence, some lost weight, others put on muscle. We are proud to share just a few of the incredible body and mind transformations achieved by embracing the TT HIIT lifestyle.

A Single Mom of 2

Emily is a single Mom of 2. Just like most of us, her life was consumed with caring for her young kids on her own while working full time to support her family. Emily decided in December she was ready to make a huge change in her life and creating a healthy fitness routine that she could enjoy and maintain was a top priority for her in 2021.

“After having my son 3 years ago I was the heaviest I had ever been. My son is a solid big boy and trying to pick him up and carry him around was painful, I couldn’t even hold him very long at times. My energy levels were way down and struggled to keep up with my kids. I realized that I really needed to start working on myself. I started my journey at Tiffany’s in January of 2021 & since working out continuously, & incorporating healthy eating habits, I am back at my normal weight and down 4 dress sizes. I feel amazing!

Tips from Emily.
Don’t try to make all your changes at once, you will set yourself up to fail.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Set small goals. Your health is essential! 👊🏼

Emily said her biggest challenge was trying to put herself first. “Im a single mother of 2. Working full time, running a household is very tiresome but in order for me to have the energy to do so I needed to keep myself healthy and fit.” Working out shouldn’t be a chore. “I’m the happiest when I work out and eat healthy. It’s not only super great for me but it benefits the other people in my life especially my kids. Your body is your temple & you should want to try your very best to take care of it! “Emily decided to take charge of her life 2021 and never looked back! We are so impressed with her dedication and proud of her results. You earned it, Momma!🔥😉

No More C0VID 15

While many people got off track during Covid, Sandy took the extra time for her myself and her health. “I’ve been an “on again – off again” workout client for the past 10 years. Just trying to maintain my love for food and wine. However, in 2018, I was faced with health concerns that could easily set me back, so instead, I decided to make my strength and mental health a priority. After having a double mastectomy in Sept of 2018, I was able to bounce back with some amazing physical therapy. I took advantage of the head start and pulled the trigger, joining TT and not looking back. It’s really not about a particular “number” for me; it’s the way I feel in my own skin, the strength in my arms and legs and the glow I feel afterwards!!

To stay consistent I make it a point to schedule ahead – I schedule and count on my workouts as they are any other appointment in my life.

One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was thinking I wasn’t “young” enough or “in shape” to join the gym, give me a break, who cares!! I’m not going to workout for anyone else but myself! 💪🏼

Making a lifestyle change was important to me. I had to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and when I meet new clients at a workout, I always give them a smile!!

Sandy brings so much positive energy to our classes. She comes into class ready to work and the results show it! She’s a great role model for her boys! We look forward to having her in classes and watching her get stronger. Way to go, Sandy! You look incredible! 🔥💪🏼

Making Health A Priority

Like many, Brittany has been working remotely and the year of 2020 made it clear that health needed to be more of a priority.

She and her boyfriend began to make some changes to their diet, cutting out a lot of the highly processed and highly palettable foods that made up a large majority of their diet. By prioritizing making meals at home and not drinking sugary drinks, Brittany has been able to make huge progress and is officially down 20 pounds since January. 🙌

If you’re not seeing Brittany teaching a class, she’s probably next to you in class as she comes to about 4-6 classes a week. She loves to participate in the TT challenges right alongside all of our clients!! Outside of classes, Brittany goes on walks with her dog and boyfriend when she can get away from the work computer.

“Even more than the physical changes, the way I’ve improved my performance in classes and my overall better health mean so much more to me. While I still enjoy the foods I love, I’ve found better ways to incorporate them and not overdo it like I used to. It’s so easy now to see how food, sleep and movement affect how I feel and my energy levels.”

We are incredibly proud of Brittany’s progress and her dedication. Here is yet another example that anything is possibly when you set your mind to something. Hard work pays off! Way to go, Brittany!!!

Staying Active While Working From Home

After working remotely for all of 2020 glued to an office chair and computer screens most days, and not as active, Catherine wanted to take this time to focus on her overall health and fitness and work towards a routine that she could manage everyday.

To stay consistent with her new lifestyle, Catherine made little changes such as drinking a ton of water throughout the day, cutting soda pop out of her diet and eating more protein throughout the day.

Catherine makes it a priority to incorporate more movement in her day whether it’s a walk around the block or a home workout if she can’t make it to the gym. Catherine will attend up to 4-5 classes a week in addition to staying active at home.

“Biggest challenge was trusting the process and staying consistent. There are days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed to go to the gym or you have a bad day of eating but that is completely normal and okay. If you continue to move your body and practice intuitive eating the results will come.”

We are so proud of you and all your hard work. You look amazing.

Wedding Ready

Joining the gym with one of his best friends, Josh was looking to find a place that would challenge him and help create a healthy lifestyle in preparation of his March wedding. Shortly after joining the gym, Josh and his fiance moved to Dearborn. The 30-minute drive didn’t stop him. He continued to attend the 5:30a & 5:15a classes 4 days a week including our evening classes.

When Josh isn’t in class you can find him playing hockey 2-3 nights a week skating for up to two hours at a time. He comes to class every day ready to work. He’s the first person ready to accept a bigger challenge. If I tell Josh to lift heavier, run faster and squat lower/longer, Josh doesn’t hold back. He gives 100% + every single day.

In addition to losing weight, we wanted to make sure Josh was gaining muscle while losing fat. With Josh skating 4-8 hours a week, we added heavy weights and power sets to his daily routine.

Josh is stronger and faster than ever. He feels amazing and he looks handsome as ever on his wedding day. We all need a Josh in our class. That one person to motivate you and lift your spirits. The one person who goes hard every day and pushes you to go even harder. We are so proud of your accomplishment and your drive

Hard Work Pays Off

Celebrating 13 months at the gym, Susie’s made a huge transformation in her fitness physically and mentally.

Last January Susie and a few of her friends made the commitment to join our New Year, New Rear, 12 week fitness challenge. Which consisted of set number of workouts each week, fitness assessment, water logging and more. Not only did she win the challenge, she created a new healthy routine into her lifestyle. 💯

Susie lost 2.5 inches in her legs, 4 inches in her waist, 3 inches in her hips, and she’s down 16lbs!

“My health has come leaps and bounds. With meal prepping and working out i can obviously see the the results but my insides feel so much better. I drink 120oz of water a day and i can literally feel it in my workouts when i don’t drink enough. I also have way more energy during the day at work now that i have my routine of working out every morning.”

Susie is just another example of how far you can come when you work hard. I love the example she is setting with her friends and sister, who also attend classes with Susie on a weekly basis. She’s made exercising and being the healthiest version of herself a priority and it shows!!! 👊🏼💪🏼

Physical and Mental Health

Lauren was introduced to our gym from a mutual friend back in the basement days. For years Lauren struggled with food, diets & feeling confident in her own body. While so many of us can relate, she is the true example of following the 80/20 rule and keeping health and fitness a top priority.

“My transformation might not LOOK like much on the outside, but everything is different on the inside. When I started this journey, it was just a way to look better for my wedding. My wedding came and went and I just needed to continue finding the best version of myself. I developed better eating habits through weight watchers. Last December I was on the hunt for a new gym and joined Tiffany’s Training. I remember my first day, my sprint speed was MAYBE a 6.0. I stuck with it and completed the new year new rear challenge. By the end, I ran an 8:00 mile, something I haven’t done since I was a freshman in high school, almost 15 years ago! Through my time at Tiffany’s Training, I have learned how much exercise impacts not only my physical health but my mental health as well. At the beginning of this journey, I really struggled with giving myself compliments. However, today I can say I am proud of how strong I am and grateful that Tiffany’s Training has pushed me to do things I never thought I could do and I am SO MUCH STRONGER than I have ever been.”

Shortly after moving to our new location, Lauren brought her husband, Travis, to the gym. Every Monday/ Friday they would workout together in the 6:30a class keeping each other accountable. We are so beyond proud of the progress you’ve made in the last year & we can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next!

Lost 100 Punds

“Today I hit my first BIG weight loss goal!! I have had lots of littlest goals along the Way but this is by far the biggest! In January 2018 I was at my highest weight, I was so unhealthy, I barely active, I was exhausted all the time and felt like I was missing out on things in life!! I had tried a million different fad diets and nothing ever made a real difference I loose 15/20 pounds give up and gain it back plus some every time! I wasn’t ever really committed to them!i don’t know what finally clicked, I don’t know if it was my sister and friend were doing it to, if my motivation of really wanting another baby finally inspired me, or if it was starting at a real gym and realizing how our of shape I actually was!!!!! I knew something had to change! So I starting working out (slowly at first) at an amazing gym which I love so so so much!!!! I starting eating 100000 times better!! And I made myself and my body a priority (for the most part) so I would be around longer for Remi!!!! I am by no means done! I have more goals both big and small and will keep going until Im healthier and my body is where I want it to Be! ! But I am so ecstatic to announce as of today 18 months after starting (definitely some ups and downs along the way)

-I also went from dying walking a mile in 23 minutes 32 seconds, to my fastest mile being 11minutes 40 seconds (that’s less than half😁)
-I also can run not just walk!!(fun fact on my first day with Tiffany, my trainer she said walk at a 3 on the treadmill and I looked at her like she was crazy and said who walks at a 3???? I now walk at a 4, power walk at a 4.3, jog at a 5 and have run as fast a 7 for short sets!!!!!!!!
-I also can do box jumps now
-I also can hold a plank for more than 3 seconds (my longest time is 40 seconds it’s not that much longer but it is longer lol!!! I hate planks!)
-I also can do a couple real push ups! And lots of girl push ups!! (Couldn’t do either before)
-I also feel 100% better on a daily basis!!!!!