Shane joined the Tiffany’s Training team in 2021. After graduating from Wayne State University and working a number of years in the mortgage industry, he decided to follow his passion and make a career in health and fitness, working at Mi Nutrition outside of training. While boxing, playing football growing up, and rugby at the college level, Shane gained a great deal of experience in strength training over the years working in sport-specific offseason workouts. He has also previously served as a high school football coach helping young athletes with agility and conditioning training.

While familiar with explosive barbell movements and Olympic-style weightlifting, he more recently found a new love for body-weight and calisthenic-based workouts having to adapt during the pandemic. Shane has found new ways to blend the two styles into uptempo training while still focusing on strength development.

Living downtown for nearly a decade he enjoys going to concerts and staying busy with his two Jack Russell Terriers. During his previous experiences coaching and working at a free weight gym, Shane has grown passionate about helping others crush their fitness goals and is always looking for new methods to do so! Shane will be managing our heavy weight lifting programs specifically our mew power hour class offered every Monday. He’ll also assist in our athlete conditioning services that we plan to expand on in 2022 and our summer boot camps.