Brittany joined the Tiffany’s Training team at the beginning of 2020. She attended Michigan Technological University, and upon graduating with a degree in Materials Engineering, she landed herself a job in the automotive industry here in Metro-Detroit. At Michigan Tech, she was president of the University’s women’s volleyball club, where she was first introduced to leading practices and constructing exercises and drills to further the skills of the club’s members.

This Wisconsin native has two pets, and loves to spend her free time going to concerts and silent film showings with her boyfriend Tyler, flipping the pages of a good book, and improving her own health and fitness at the gym. Her favorite genres to read are Psychological Thrillers and Personal Development.

With an engineering degree and a full-time position as an accessories design engineer, she finds time for herself in her passion for fitness. Growing up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball, she’s always had the mentality of a team player, landing her naturally in the group fitness environment. Since the fall of 2018, Brittany has been a boxing trainer at TITLE in Royal Oak, where she teaches proper boxing form and leads group fitness classes.

Having been a client first at Tiffany’s Training, she quickly fell in love with the high intensity workouts. Some of her favorite moves include dynamic movements, such as (wo)man makers, and heavy weight lifting. Brittany’s favorite class formats are the traditional Tabata and Station Switch-Up. She also hopes to bring her two and a half years of boxing experience and training to Tiffany’s Training gym.

Brittany enjoys teaching because it has not only helped her overcome personal fears and anxieties but has helped others work towards their health and fitness goals. “The energy clients bring to the classes is infectious, and I have never worked harder in a fitness class until Tiffany’s. The TTHIIT community is one that everyone should want to be a part of!” You’ll find her in as many classes as she can sweating next to you!